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150 — Kaufmann, W. (1958). Critique of religion and philosophy. Princeton: Princeton University Press. Fifth printing, 1990. 12 May 1996, Philadelphia.

« The intensity of great poetry and philosophy is abnormal and subversive: it is the enemy of habit, custom, and all stereotypes » (p. 9).

« The poet’s passion cracks convention: the chains of custom drop; the world of our everyday experience is exposed as superficial appearance; the person we had seemed to be and our daily contacts and routines appear as shadows on a screen, without depth; while the poet’s myth reveals reality » (p. 9).

« Philosophy subverts man’s satisfaction with himself, exposes custom as a questionable dream, and offers not so much solutions as a different life » (p. 10).

« The great philosopher is a poet with an intellectual conscience » (p. 34).

« Resignation in the face of the follies of mankind is the price of wisdom. And true wisdom wonders whether wisdom is not folly, too. » (p. 75).

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