Michael Sean Strickland

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112 — Nabokov, V. Lolita, Volume One (1955). Paris: Olympia Press. Traveller’s Companion Series, nº 66. Fourth printing, September 1959. 22 May 1995, Philadelphia.

« I attended an English day school a few miles from home, and there I played rackets and fives, and got excellent marks, and was on perfect terms with schoolmates and teachers alike. The only definite sexual events that I can remember as having occurred before my thirteenth birthday (that is, before I first saw my little Annabel) were: a solemn, decorous and purely theoretical talk about pubertal surprises in the rose garden of the school with an American kid, the son of a then celebrated motion-picture actress whom he seldom saw in the three-dimensional world; and some interesting reactions on the part of my organism to certain photographs, pearl and umbra, with infinitely soft partings, in Pichon’s sumptuous “La Beauté Humaine” that I had filched from under a mountain of marble-bound “Graphics” in the hotel library » (pp. 17–18).

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