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3 — Bramblett, C. A. (1976). Patterns of primate behavior. Palo Alto: Mayfield. 1 February 1992, Austin.

« The scientific method begins with the rejection of authority. A statement is validated not by the endorsement of a famous scientist, but by a demonstration of accuracy and predictability » (p. 261).

« A scientist does not deal with “the truth.” Observation is a learning process, and current hypotheses represent only the present state of our knowledge. Hopefully, generalizations become more reliable with progressive refinement, including the rejection of misconceptions » (pp. 261–262).

« One of the major contributions of primatology has been to undermine the illusion that man is a rational animal (Washburn, 1973). [...] The scientific method is an intellectual tool that man can use to break the bonds of culture and introspection » (p. 262).

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