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75 — Mathews, H. (1988). 20 lines a day. Elmwood Park, IL: Dalkey Archive, 1989. 21 November 1993, Austin.

« As soon as we learn how to walk or count or read, it becomes impossible for us to recall the state in which we were ignorant of those talents (even if the difficulties of our learning endure, as is obvious, for instance, from watching the way people walk). What we keep from the learning experience is an idea of how to teach — only an idea, not the true manner in which knowledge was passed on to us. That idea is inevitably charged with our feelings about our teacher, and no doubt with his or her feelings about his or her teacher; so that when it is our turn to teach, we drag in (even physically) a cumulative history of irrelevant psychology » (p. 32).

« ...once it is written down, a project or idea, no matter how incomplete, is real work » (p. 44).

« Writing is the translation of one body into another » (p. 51).

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